Bhulk is now part of the Deutsches Kunststoff Museum

On 29th April the Deutsches Kunststoff Museum of Düsseldorf inaugurated the exhibition "Plastic Icons" that will be opened until May, 26th 2016. On display there are 100 of the 24.000 objects that are part of the Museum's collection, celebrating the 30 years of the museum. As part of the 100...

Bhulk on display at the XXI Triennale di Milano

  We are pleased to announce that a Bhulk frame is on display at the XXI Triennale di Milano as part of the New Craft exhibition. You can visit the exhibition from April 2 to September 12, 2016. For more info, timetable and tickets, please visit the organizer's website:

More News Reports

Aenimal Bhulk is still raising interest among specialized web magazines, and we will have more news very soon! Here are some more articles:   ENGLISH: ( ( (           Other languages: ( ( ( ( ( (

We are GREEN. Cosmobike Tech Award 2015

After the great success at Eurobike with the GOLD AWARD 2015, we are very happy to announce that Eurocompositi won the GREEN TECH AWARD of the Cosmobike Show 2015 for the Aenimal Bhulk project!   More info here:

Have you heard the NEWS?

It looks like the "Bhulk" frame is getting some serious media interest! This page will be updated daily with articles and media appearance of the Aenimal project. Thanks to the article writers. All media and articles are property of their respective owners.   ENGLISH:   4. ALL3DP.COM ( 3. 3DERS.ORG...

It’s GOLD! Eurobike GOLD Award 2015

It’s GOLD! We are honoured to announce that we have been awarded with the EUROBIKE GOLD AWARD! During the prize-giving ceremony the jury stated that: “The Aenimal Bhulk could start a new trend. It’s the first mountain bike where a 3D printer is used to make the frame from biodegradable,...

Eurobike AWARDS 2015

It’s with great excitement that we announce that Eurocompositi will receive an EUROBIKE AWARD 2015, the leading design prize and a high international prestige for companies in the bicycle industry, for the AENIMAL project. “BHULK” is a special MTB frame made with eco-compatible material using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D...

Knowledge and Experience

The knowledge and experience of the Eurocompositi team were fundamental to design the right tube shapes and dimensions, in order to maintain a certain stiffness and durability with a material that surely doesn’t have the mechanical characteristics of the most advanced composite materials.

Cutting-Edge 3D Technology

Using special parametric 3D modeling software and generative algorithms software we are able to offer a high quality prototyping service. We only use cutting edge 3D FDM printing technology and the most efficient and ecological materials. Resins colors will vary according to specific customer requirements between a range of 20...

PLA Biopolymers

The main target behind the AENIMAL project is to obtain ecological, environmentally sustainable bikes. A feasibility analysis was conducted to determine the most correct 3D printing processes and material. The result is the use of FDM technology combined with biodegradable, recycled and recyclable PLA biopolymers derived from renewable resources such...