We develop our research idea on an “Open Innovation” model, or on the ability to cooperate, sharing objectives, tools and knowledge between our management and realities of excellence at national and international level, such as universities, public and private research centers and external consultants specialized in the various sectors in which we operate.
Bemax Italia has several research and development projects in progress, in the sector of composite materials and the most suitable technologies for the production of bicycle frames in innovative materials including the Bemax Aenimal Project in collaboration with universities and research centers, which has the ‘goal to integrate 3D printing into the process of crafting, building and assembling a high-quality bicycle.
The starting point of the project was the consideration that 99% of the bicycles that are marketed in Europe are produced in the East and the Far East with a very high energy expenditure, for transport and for the sales network, and sometimes without adequate controls on pollutants.
Hence the idea of ​​Studio Eurocompositi to field its experience in the design of bicycles at the service of energy saving, recyclability, biodegradability and eco-sustainability according to the very simple formula J / pcs. (energy expended / produced product).
Thus was born the “Ænimal” project, a container of ideas and projects based on these concepts and on these values.
The ÆNIMAL BHULK project, the first 3D printed bike in bio material, with a frame made with FDM (Fuse depositation of Material) 3D printing technology, using biodegradable, recycled and recyclable polymeric yarn, won the Eurobike Gold Award in 2015 and the GREEN TECH AWARD of the Cosmobike Show 2015.

“Aenimal BHULK could open a new trend. It is the first mountain bike for which a 3D printer was used to create a frame in biodegradable, recycled and recyclable materials. We mark this innovation with a Gold Award as its technology is so visionary that it could revolutionize the way bikes are customized and manufactured. “ Eurobike Award jurees.

With this motivation, the jury of the Eurobike 2015 exhibition in Friedrichshafen awarded the first prototype of the “Aenimal BHULK”, by the Eurocompositi design studio, the highest recognition for the “Innovation” and “Design” categories.
Bemax Italia in 2019 acquired the Aenimal Bhulk project, the related Know How, with the consequent transfer of technology to be able to develop and industrialize it.
We have further refined the production technology, necessary for the launch of the new product on the market, using the recycled polyolefin granule PLASMIX. The use of recycled plastic for the first time represents the creation of a closed cycle of material reuse / recycling (closedloopwastesrecycling), giving new life to a potential waste with the minimization of energy costs and environmental impact. In fact, only 49% of the recycled plastic is “noble”, while the remaining 51% of the plastic we recycle is destined to be burned in an incinerator. This “dirty” portion of plastic is called PLASMIX and our mission is to recover post-consumer “dirty” plastic by transforming it from waste into a resource.

Our Bemax ÆNIMAL® frames will be designed to be customized in different shapes, colors and different materials that can be combined on request, to create a “tailor-made” e-bike, based on the aesthetic and construction needs required by the end customer, combining standard or particular “made to measure” production products but also particularly futuristic forms, otherwise difficult to achieve at market costs, using technologies other than additive manufacturing.
The R&D department is also studying innovative extruders and proprietary software to develop the product industrialization process.
The design study of the new BEMAX ÆNIMAL® 2021 model is almost complete and the first prototype will be produced and presented to the press by the end of 2021.

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